Week 2: 3D Design

For this week, we looked at how 3D Designers have been able to create an idea to respond to a problem. These counter crisis could be related to the enviroment, the economy, wastage, social, etc. I looked into a number of large scale designs, aimed towards a large audience in need, such as ‘The Ocean Cleanup’ or even Da Vinci’s ‘Architonnerre’. However there was also a designer called Krystian Kowalski who interested me, created a toy dog in response to his own personal nostalgia crisis. I then decided to respond to the same crisis myself, but while project was aimed towards fathers who would have once made and repaired toys for their children themselves using the materials they had available, I created a 3D pikachu out of cardboard, as videogames were an important part of my childhood (*sidenote: during one summer holiday, I spent a lot of time with my brother trying to complete Pokemon Red on the gameboy). While this is not a huge crisis facing millions, it is quite a personal one, but still a crisis nonetheless, and I was happy with my outcome.

Week 2: Final piece

Week 2: Final piece


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