Week 3: Fine Art

For this week, our topic was change, and how we might represent chage through fine art. As this was quite a large range, I narrowed it down, deciding to look again at how a coming of age in life leads to less time for games, and more time to grow up and face the real world. Personally for me, I experienced this as I got older, finding that, unlike my childhood, I had less time to mess around and spend time playing videogames, and instead had to deal with other things, and face the responsibilities that came with growing up. The idea quickly developed into the slogan ‘enough games, reality is waiting’, and after this I decided to show a classic, pixelated videogame symbol crumbling. Eventually I settled on a pokeball, after experimenting with the triforce from zelda, a mushroom from mario, and a few others. To make it, I cut out the pixels individually out of a foam block, painted them, and mounted them on a piece of cardboard using a glue gun. The final piece can be seen below.

Week 3: Mini project

Week 3: Mini project

Week 3: Final piece

Week 3: Final piece


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