Week 7 – Focus Pull

For our first Moving Image task, we were given a location, and told to go around campus taking pictures that we would then put together in the form of a collage to show this location. The place we were given was a fire station, and so we spent the rest of that day photographing what could be used to represent it (alarms, red cars, ladders, fire extinguishers, etc). We ended up with around 100 photos, which we had to cut down to 50 that were the best of them.  Unfortuneatly, our photos were never printed, and so our group had to select 50 suitable photos from the collection of unused ones (from previous years). Then was the collaging section of this task and we spent a couple of hours trying out different layouts and themes including: chronological (steps from pulling a fire alarm to evacuating the building), an actual fire station, and different sections of the fire station (both exterior and interior – exterior being on the outside of the image, and interior in the middle) Below is the final version, which was the design we went with.

Final 'Focus Pull' piece

Final ‘Focus Pull’ piece (Should be rotated anticlockwise once)


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