Week 12: Sound perspective (2nd Minor Project)

30th November 2015  – This was the day we started our second mini project on ‘Sound Perspective’, wherein we were to use at least 3 of the sounds from a list given to us to create a short animation. As I completed my first one quite quickly (within  one day in fact) I decided to do a second small animation. For both, I tried to tackle two new technical effects I had not attempted before then; lip syncing, and heavy use of gradients. The first was a simple flash animation in black and white, and had a stickman walking outside, being struck by lightning, then saying ‘well, that was shocking’ (A terrible pun, I know). The second was much more serious, and started out with a couple shots of a city at night, rain falling, and thunder clapping. Then a hooded figure enters the scene, walks forward and stops. Red mist surrounds him from behind, and he turns to see a number of figures emerging from the mist. One of them stops and shrieks, and the video cuts to black.  In terms of the sounds I used, for the first, I chose the sound effects: a bell, weather (rain), and lightning, and for the second: a bell again (in the form of a bomb siren), rain and thunder again, war drums being hit rhythmically, water splashing in a puddle, and animal noises (which I used for the monster’s scream). A few frames from the two animations can be seen below.

While the first one was very sketchy, and the art style was simple, for the big, wideshots I tried to create, I first hand drew out the image simply, without adding any shading or colour, and then scanned it into the computer and drew over the lines on adobe flash, being sure to separate the correct sections into the right layers. I then added colour and shading to the scenes, before starting character animations (if any were part of that scene), and finally adding weather effects (rain or thunder in this case).

Feedback for both animations seemed positive, the only criticism to improve upon was tightening up the lip syncing to ensure the timing is perfect, but apart from that, my classmates found the first one funny as desired thanks to the timing and use of sound, and the second visually strong, with sound being used correctly to build up tension. So yes, overall I was pleased with the outcome. And that was our second project!


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