Week 14: Christmas – Storyboards and Essays

14th December 2015 – Over Christmas we had two main tasks to undertake. The first one was to create 3 storyboards, designed to help us to improve our drawing abilities. The first one was to be a vidual representation of recent events that took place in our lives, the second was to explre lighting and how it contributed to the mood or atmosphere of another recent event, and the third was to explore the part sound played in an event. For the first, I decided to draw out the adventure I had during a recent Zoroatrian party I went to for the longest night of the year, in which I snuck upstairs to talk to my girlfriend on the phone, and after realising nearly an hour had passed, I had to subtley rejoin the others without being noticed. The second was a deep and mushy monolgue about how some moments you wish would last forever, and yet others are gone all too quickly, but regardless, all are saved by memory. The final one was during my A level exams, and my panicking and struggling to answer the questions. All three of these storyboards can be seen below.

The second task was to complete an essay in which we were mean to look at two different practitioners and compare and contrast them, creating our own subject heading. For mine, I decided to compare the film directors Wes Anderson and Alfred Hitchcock, and my title was, ‘How two directors use the resources at their disposal to create two very different and unique styles’.  I found that directors have a number of tools at their disposal, such as shots and lighting, directing actors, and music usage, and their use of these is how they create a unique style to themselves, and obviously this would have been heavily influenced by those involved in each of their projects, and the genre of their films. Overall, it was an interesting topic to delve into, and using a variety of sources to aid me in my research, including books, journals, and their films themselves, I feel I learned a lot about filmaking.


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