Week 17: Picture This (3rd Minor Project)

4th January 2016 – This was the day that we began our 3rd minor project, titled ‘Picture This’, in which we were to create much more non-fictional piece than the previous projects. Initially I found this difficult, coming up with several ideas, only to learn that my favourite and most developed one was too fictional and so I would be unable to do it. Eventually, I settled on the idea of animating a TED talk, as I have always found these interesting, and fortunately found one that was relevant to the course: a talk by JJ Abrams on the withholding of information in films in order to keep the audience interested and in suspense, and this can be done in many ways, not just in suspenseful films such as horrors or thrillers. I also decided that because it was a more non-fictional piece, I would try stop motion, to give variation in my animation style, as well as the fact I believed it would work better with this kind of piece.

It was by about mid-way through the second week that I settled on this idea, and from there I drew out a storyboard, captured a test sequence with my phone camera, and started drawing out each of the resources I would use in my movie, and then in the final week (18th January), I began capturing the final project. Unfortunately, due to a lack of available equipment in my classroom at the time (most of the computers set up were already in use), I again had to capture the video with my camera. The two main problems with this were that the quality of the image was lower than originally planned, and that I was unable to see the previous frame easily (a function that would was available on the computers, using a software called ‘Dragonframe’). Despite all this I was somewhat happy with the final project, but have learnt through this experience that I much rather prefer using softwares such as flash as opposed to doing stop motion animation.


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