Something New

Well now that my foundation course is over, I’ve just realised that I still have a kind of blog. This blog. And because probably nobody will read this, I can use it as kind of a diary now! Y’know, to talk about my life, games, movies and other nerdy stuff I like and want to rant about, etc. I actually had a diary before (well, a diary but much more manly) which I added to religiously for about two years after I became obsessed with the anime ‘Mirai Nikki’ or ‘Future Diary’, and it basically chronicled the year and a half I dated my first love, my now ex-girlfriend who we shall call Blue to keep he anonymous or whatever. Don’t know why though, I’ve already said what my real name is on this blog. But surely there’s got to be thousands of people with the same name as me! I’m sure Parham is a totally common name. Totally. Ok, maybe not… But anyway, Trainee Artist is my pseudo name, and I’ll be updating this blog fairly regularly probably. Maybe.