University week 1

So it gives me great pleasure to say that everything I said in my previous post was nerves and stupid assumptions about university cliches. I’m happy to say everything I was worried about from my previous entry was wrong, freshers week was great! I got really lucky and met a group of friends on the very first night, who’re my kinda people – not insane party going people, but sooo much fun to be around. Their anonymous names are green, orange, and brown. Let’s see, the first night, we met at a soup event, then went exploring some creepy woods nearby, and watched the first episode of stranger things (which is awesome btw and has the best child actors I’ve ever seen). Next night we went to a nightclub that was surprisingly fun, we went in a photo booth, and we all danced together these stupid, embarrassing but hilarious dances and it was totally great. Next night, me and green just hung around the uni as brown and orange had tickets to another nightclub, and we went into this awesome giant creepy new building that looked totally sci fi and amazing, and we imagined all the possible creepy horror scenarios – it was totally great. Next day we went to a board games things and went back after to watch the Blair witch project (which was a good movie, just hilarious to watch with friends), and the next day went to this comedy night at this venue somewhere, then we got pizzas and ate them on the beach, before taking a trolley up a hill and riding it part of the way down. Then the next night we went to a karaoke night at the uni’s bar and stayed up waaaay too late after, and last night we went to a meh nightclub, but the others seemed to enjoy it so woo! But yeah, gotta admit, it’s been a pretty amazing week, though I’m not looking forward to when we actually start having lectures and assignments.. oh well! 😛


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